As students, we were challenged to redesign any magazine of our choice, including a new logotype, two covers, a table of contents, and four spreads to an article. Because this project called for a reinvention of an existing magazine, I wanted to choose a magazine on shelf that was absolutely atrocious. With gaudy typefaces, sexual imagery and poor text layout, the tattoo magazine I chose needed more than a little help. When researching the tattoo culture I found that depicting degrading images of tattooed women and using poor photography were generally an industry standard. Tattoos are works of art and deserve to be presented as such, not brought down to the level of tackiness that they are currently. Tattoos are so much more than an image on the bodyeach means something special to the individual marked by it. They are a signature quality on that person's being.  It's time to bring tattoos to a premium space to show off the beautiful elegance that so many tattoos exude.