Lan-tern: (noun) a Landor intern. As interns at Landor Associates, you are challenged to a semester project of your choice. My intern team decided to create a video that explains and promotes our experience at Landor for other interns to use as a tool when considering applying. I suggested to the group that we create our own brand, giving ourselves a name to carry on for the future of Landor. Thinking about how the company of Landor can fuse with new incoming interns, the word "Lantern" came out naturally to me. When I suggested it to the team, it really stuck. The metaphor of light pairs beautifully with the idea that as interns, we bring our own light to new projects, while existing Landorians provide a guiding light for us along the way. When it came time to designing the logo, my concept of meshing the corporate "Landor" typeface with the interns hand-touched and expressive side was chosen as the final, as it embraces the original concept the name was born from.